Schools Offering Degree Programs In Environmental Engineering*

Listed by state

* Includes degree programs in Civil Engineering that offer formal specialization in Environmental Engineering.


Degrees: B=Bachelor's; M=Master's; D=Doctorate



Auburn University (AL)   [B, M, D]

University of Alabama (AL)   [M]

University of Alabama, Birmingham (AL)   [D]



University of Alaska, Anchorage (AK)   [M]

University of Alaska, Fairbanks (AK)   [M, D]



Arizona State University (AZ)   [B, M, D]

Northern Arizona University (AZ)   [B, M]

University of Arizona (AZ)   [M, D]



California Institute of Technology (CA)   [M, D]

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (CA)   [B, M]

Humboldt State University (CA)   [B, M]

Loyola Marymount University (CA)   [M]

San Diego State University (CA)   [B, M]

Stanford University (CA)   [B, M, D]

University of California, Berkeley (CA)   [B]

University of California, Davis (CA)   [M, D]

University of California, Irvine (CA)   [B, M, D]

University of California, Los Angeles (CA)   [M, D]

University of California, Riverside (CA)   [B, M, D]

University of Southern California (CA)   [B, M, D]



Colorado School of Mines (CO)   [B, M, D]

Colorado State University (CO)   [B]

United States Air Force Academy (CO)   [B]

University of Colorado, Boulder (CO)   [B, M, D]



University of Connecticut (CT)   [B, M, D] 

University of Hartford (CT)   [B, M]

University of New Haven (CT)   [M]

Yale University (CT)   [B, M, D]



University of Delaware (DE)   [B, M, D]



Florida A&M University-Florida State University (FAMU-FSU) (FL)   [B, M, D]

Florida Institute of Technology (FL)   [B, M, D]

Florida International University (FL)   [B, M]

University of Central Florida (FL)   [B, M, D]

University of Florida (FL)   [B, M, D]

University of Miami (FL)   [B, M, D]



Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)   [B, M, D]

University of Georgia (GA)   [B, M]



University of Hawaii, Manoa (HI)   [M, D]



Idaho State University (ID)   [M] 

University of Idaho (ID)   [M]



Illinois Institute of Technology (IL)   [M, D]

Northwestern University (IL)   [B, M, D]

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (IL)   [B, M, D]

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (IL)   [B, M, D]



Purdue University (IN)   [M, D]

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (IN)   [M]

University of Notre Dame (IN)   [M]



Iowa State University (IA)   [M, D]

University of Iowa (IA)   [M, D]



University of Kansas (KS)   [M, D]



Louisiana State University (LA)   [B, M, D]

University of New Orleans (LA)   [M]



University of Maine (ME)   [B, M, D] 



Johns Hopkins University (MD)   [B, M, D]

Morgan State University (MD)   [M, D]

University of Maryland (MD)   [M, D]

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (MD)   [M, D]



Harvard University (MA)   [B, M, D]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (MA)   [B, M, D] 

Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MA)   [B]

Northeastern University (MA)   [M, D] 

Suffolk University (MA)   [B]

Tufts University (MA)   [B, M, D]

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (MA)   [M]

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (MA)   [M] 

University of Massachusetts, Lowell (MA)   [M]

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)   [B, M, D]



Michigan State University (MI)   [M, D]

Michigan Technological University (MI)   [B, M, D]

University of Detroit Mercy (MI)   [M, D] 

University of Michigan (MI)   [B, M, D]



Jackson State University (MS)   [B, M]

University of Mississippi (MS)   [M, D]



Missouri University of Science & Technology (formerly Univ of Missouri, Rolla) (MO)   [B, M]

University of Missouri, Columbia (MO)   [M, D]

Washington University in St. Louis (MO)   [M, D]



Montana State University, Bozeman (MT)   [M, D]

Montana Tech of the University of Montana (MT)   [B, M]



University of Nebraska, Lincoln (NE)   [M]



University of Nevada, Las Vegas (NV)   [M, D]

University of Nevada, Reno (NV)   [B]


New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire (NH)   [B]


New Jersey

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJ)   [B, M, D]

Princeton University (NJ)   [B, M, D]

Rowan University (NJ)   [B, M] 

Rutgers University (NJ)   [M, D]

Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)   [B, M, D]


New Mexico

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech) (NM)   [B, M] 

New Mexico State University (NM)   [M]

University of New Mexico (NM)   [M, D]


New York

Clarkson University (NY)   [B, M, D]

Columbia University (NY)   [B, M, D]

Cornell University (NY)   [B, M, D]

Manhattan College (NY)   [B, M]

Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) (NY)   [M]

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)   [B, M, D]

State University of New York, Buffalo (NY)   [B, M, D]

State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry (NY)   [M, D]

Syracuse University (NY)   [B, M]

United States Military Academy at West Point (NY)   [B]


North Carolina

North Carolina A&T State University (NC)   [B]

North Carolina State University (NC)   [B, M, D]

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (NC)   [M, D]

University of North Carolina, Charlotte (NC)   [D]


North Dakota

North Dakota State University (ND)   [M]

University of North Dakota (ND)   [M, D]



Air Force Institute of Technology (OH)   [M]

Cleveland State University (OH)   [M]

University of Cincinnati (OH)   [B, M, D]

Youngstown State University (OH)   [M]



Oklahoma State University (OK)   [M]

University of Oklahoma (OK)   [B, M, D] 



Oregon Graduate Institute at Oregon Health and Science University (OR)   [M, D]

Oregon State University (OR)   [B]

Portland State University (OR)   [M, D]



Bucknell University (PA)   [M]

Carnegie Mellon University (PA)   [B, M, D]

Drexel University (PA)   [B, M, D]

Gannon University (PA)   [B]

Lehigh University (PA)   [B, M, D]

Pennsylvania State University (PA)   [B, M, D]

Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg (PA)   [B, M]

Temple University (PA)   [M] 

University of Pittsburgh (PA)   [B, M, D]

Villanova University (PA)   [M]

Wilkes University (PA)   [B]


Puerto Rico

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PR)   [B, M]


Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island (RI)   [M, D]


South Carolina

Clemson University (SC)   [M, D] 

University of South Carolina (SC)   [B, M, D]


South Dakota 

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SD)   [B]



Tennessee State University (TN)   [B, M]

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (TN)   [M]

Vanderbilt University (TN)   [M, D]



Lamar University (TX)   [M]

Prairie View A&M University (TX)   [M]

Rice University (TX)   [B, M, D]

Southern Methodist University (TX)   [B, M]

Tarleton State University (TX)   [B]

Texas A&M University, College Station (TX)   [B, M, D]

Texas A&M University, Kingsville (TX)   [M, D]

Texas Tech University (TX)   [B, M]

University of Houston (TX)   [M, D] 

University of Texas, Arlington (TX)   [M, D]

University of Texas, Austin (TX)   [M]

University of Texas, El Paso (TX)   [M, D]

University of Texas, San Antonio (TX)   [D]



Brigham Young University (UT)   [M, D]

University of Utah (UT)   [M, D]

Utah State University (UT)   [B, M, D]



University of Vermont (VT)   [B, M, D] 



Old Dominion University (VA)   [B, M, D]

Virginia Military Institute (VA)   [B] 

Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic and State University) (VA)   [M, D]



University of Washington (WA)   [M, D] 

Washington State University (WA)   [M]



Milwaukee School of Engineering (WI)   [B] 

University of Wisconsin, Madison (WI)   [M, D]

University of Wisconsin, Platteville (WI)   [B] 



University of Wyoming (WY)   [B, M] 


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